LED’s are the ‘New Kid In Town’
Traditionally, signs were illuminated with neon tubes. Now, more and more signs are being lit with LED’s.  Just as as bright, cheaper to produce and run, use less power and easier to service. LED’s are the future and we are on board with the latest technology.

Advantages of LED’s
(Light Emitting Diodes)

Easier to Service
More energy efficient
Work on lower voltage


  • Your Computer Store, Lake Forrest, Ca
  • Tiger Cafe LED sign.  Rialto Middle School, Rialto, Ca
  • Internet Cafe, Lake Forrest, Ca
  • Ocelots Cafe, Orange Grove Middle School, Hacienda, Ca
  • Irish Cafe.  Kennedy High School, La Palma Ca
  • T-Bird Cafe. Cedarlane Middle School, Hacienda, Ca
  • Spartan Cafe. Sparks Middles School, Hacienda, Ca
  • Vikings Cafe. Sierra Vista Middle School, Hacienda, Ca
  • Kinghts Cafe. Newton Middle school, Hacienda, Ca
  • Dolphins Diner. Alondra Middle School, Paramount, Ca.